One of the first things everyone wants to know when they visit the Coal Miner's Museum Is.......

At first, one might think this is one of your run-of-the mill old, freaky buildings which automatically spawn rumors and the workings of active imaginations. However, this one is unique in the fact that almost every person that steps foot in the building, particularly after dark, experiences something that cannot be described as anything besides other-worldly. There are multiple written and eye-witness accounts of strange apparitions, "shadow people", noises, and even direct communication with those beyond the veil. There are documentations on video, audio, and in photographs. One account states that a two-year-old girl went missing in the museum, to be found in the library seemingly talking to someone nobody else could see. There have also been accounts of feelings of children sitting on laps and footsteps walking through the building when no one else was there.

This picture is of a young girl, a line has been drawn around her to better see her.

Several Different Paranormal Investigation teams conducted research in the building. They confirmed the presence of spirits, particularly when a female voice told one of the men to be careful while climbing a ladder. The catch? There were only two people in the building at the time, and both of them were male.
The museum conducts occasional "ghost tours" after dark for anyone wishing to see a spirit or two. If you want to see one of these apparitions, however, you'd better bring extra batteries for your flashlight - the ghosts find amusement in draining
your power.

Orb Trails are said to possibly mean the presence of spirits.

Due to the increase of Paranormal Teams investigating the Museum and keeping our Volunteer staff there for long hours, especially on the weekends, there will now be a fee for  these investigations..... $50.00 per hour, per group, for 5 hours, with no more than 8 people, max. There will be absolutely no refunds. In the winter it would be from 8pm to 1am, in the summer where it gets darker later, probably 9pm to 2am or 10pm to 3am, we will post this later. You need to schedule in advance (at least 3 weeks) and the fee paid at that time. Call for dates of availability, 606.789.8540. Leave a message and your call will be returned, just don't forget to say it is for Investigations of the Museum.

The Ghost Tours are 10.00 each for 10 people max for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Call ahead to reserve.

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  • Haunted Museum October 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28, 2017

    Kiddie Haunted Museum October 14, 21, 28, 2017
  • Make plans now to attend the Annual Van Lear Town Celebration on August 4th & 5th 2017
  • The Van Lear Town Celebration is an annual festival that is held during the first Saturday of August each year. The celebration features old fashioned fun for the entire family. Live music shows, games, food, crafts, a parade and much, much more!
  • Every year Van Lear is visited by thousands of tourists. The vast majority of these tourists are fans of Loretta Lynn and/or her younger sibling, Crystal Gayle and come to visit Butcher Hollow in Van Lear. Currently, we are seeing a large increase in the number of people who wish to visit our historical museum. We offer this web site as an aid to those planning a trip to our area.
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